Kelly Brennan


This is the story of Kelly Brennan, Head of ETF at Citadel Securities where she is responsible for the firm's ETF trading business globally. Before that she was head of Goldman Sachs' ETF trading and before that was at Susquehanna International Group. A fun fact about Kelly - while at Susquehanna, she become the only female specialist at SIG on the NYSE.

On this episode, you'll hear a story about an exceptional woman who is clearly a very driven and focused person that constantly strives to get better. She admits one of her failures early in her trading career was trying to be something or someone that she wasn't and underestimating her strengths.  I'm grateful to have had a conversation that leveled up my thinking and my pursuit to cultivate what she calls an impactful personal board of directors. Please enjoy this conversation with Kelly Brennan.


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Yinh Hinh