Elizabeth Shaughnessy

In this episode - you'll hear from Elizabeth Shaughnessy - Founder of the Berkeley Chess School. Elizabeth is 81 years YOUNG and has no plans on dying... 

Elizabeth was Women's Chess Champion in Ireland. She has played in seven international chess Olympiads and is active in chess tournaments around the world. She served as President of CalChess and is on the US Chess Executive Board.

She cites two main failures in her life relating to playing piano (but not at the level of Beethoven or Mozart) and architecture (a career she held for decades but didn't think she was particularly good at it).  And then in 1982....Elizabeth opened the Berkeley Chess School.  

With nearly 40 years of success at the Berkeley Chess School, Elizabeth has amassed incredible knowledge and insight on how children play the game of chess (and life) differently. You'll hear why she believes chess is so important for kids and adults outside of the game. I have no doubt you'll this conversation with Elizabeth - the Mies Van Der Rohe of chess....


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