About Me

Yinh Hinh Picture.jpg

I'm a curious person with a lot of different interests.  Some things you might notice about me if we shared a meal together:

I am a Mom to two amazing little boys. I'm trying to raise them to be perfectly imperfect (but really perfect) thoughtful men.  I am a wife to an incredible man who lets me be me (unless I'm being impossibly difficult).  I am the daughter of immigrant parents (Mom is Vietnamese, Dad is Chinese). I am the sister to two siblings who love Top Gun and Three Amigos as much as I do.   I went to UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) and spent the last 16 years working in finance. 

I find hard working people extremely magnetic.  My parents are immigrants and came to the US with nothing but determination and drive.  I like to surround myself with people that work hard and motivate me to get better every day. 

I love to get inspired. Inspiration comes in many different forms for me.  My kids inspire me a great deal. Their positivity. Their curiosity. Their pure joy from the simplest of things. They are my everything and I can only hope one day they are inspired by something I've done.

I love rock music. Rockers I can read about and never get bored:  Chester Bennington, John Bonham, Chris Cornell,  Brandon Flowers, Freddie Mercury, Neil Peart, Eddie Vedder.

I love pop music too (much to the chagrin of my husband). I'm a Lamb (who else watched Glitter...in the theater?). I'm a Belieber. I'm a Little Monster. I'm part of the Swifties. I'm in the Bey Hive. 

I love to travel. Connecting with family and friends, food and music in a new place...doesn't get much better than that for me. Places I've left a bit of my heart: Big Sur, Cassis, Costa Brava, Hong Kong, Lutry, New York, Oslo, Paris, Tokyo, Vung Tau

I love food second only to my family and friends... and probably spend more money on it than on them. I have a spreadsheet that tracks the restaurants and dishes I love by city, state and country because who doesn’t like more spreadsheets in life…

If you want to connect and chat about anything from family, food, music, work or what time I wake up in the morning, feel free to email me at:  yinh@growthfromfailure.com